Satori – Kaizen Tunable Steel Tongue Drums

Hand made from recycled propane tanks!

The Satori Drum

I focus on creating high quality instruments hand made from recycled propane tanks that produce a beautiful  mellow bell like sound that everyone will enjoy. They are extremely easy to play right out of the box. Even if you have no music experience you will be able to create music instantly!

Each Satori Drum is 100% waterproof and partially submerging it in water will make some of the most unique and interesting sounds ever!

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Staying in tune

Whether you’re a sound healer, performer, avid instrument player, or own a music shop, you will be stoked to know that Satori Tunable Steel Tongue Drums are always fine tune able and are compatible with many popular A4 references like A=432hz, A=440hz. At any given time you are able to change the reference and adapt the drum to the style of music you want to play!

Like any other high quality music instrument the unique magnetic tuning system guarantees that your new Satori Drum will always have the ability to have each note tuned on demand.

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For Musicians

We work with bands and musicians who seek to play the new, finding them instruments in scales that play well with your individual style and other instruments featuring our piezoelectric pickup system. Play Satori Drums on stage, be heard!


I make a special instrument for sound healers. This instrument features the 7 Chakra frequencies and I add the Earth, Sun and Moon frequencies to create the ultimate 10-Note healing tool that can be felt both internally and externally! Please note that this particular Chakra scale is a healing tool and not a music instrument. It is not tuned to play acoustic music. It is only tuned to send specific vibrations deep into the body for ultimate sound therapy experience.

Reducing waste

All propane tanks made in the United States before September 30, 1998 are now unusable unless they have been refitted with a special valve called an overfill protection device (OPD). The cost to have an older propane tank refitted with an OPD is relatively the same price as purchasing a new propane tank. This has left many people with the best choice to just go and replace the whole propane tank. This has created yet another problem. What to do with the old tank? Recycling companies cannot take and recycle a propane tank unless they can visually see there is no fuel left in it. They usually want to see a hole in the tank of some sort. How does a normal Joe safely put a hole in a propane tank that could potentially still have fuel in it? The answer is he doesn’t. He will put them in a pile way out in the back yard and forget about them till they literally rot into the ground.

All Satori Tunable Steel Tongue Drums are made from 1 recycled propane tank to reduce this rot in the ground effect and to help our environment.