transforming waste to art

creation of the drum

Based on the original 2007 idea of Dennis Havlena, the Satori Drum has gone through many transformations. Starting as a 5 gallon propane tank like one would use on their BBQ I cut open and take the top and bottom sections from the tank. After prepping the metal I weld the two opposing sections back together. Not wanting to leave unsightly marks I grind and polish the welds down so they are pretty invisible. Next I’ll cut each note out by hand then pre tune them. Once tuned I am able to powder coat the drum for a finish that can last a lifetime. When the coating has hardened I then perform a final tuning with the magnetic tuning system to ensure the drum owner is able to keep the drum in perfect pitch for the life of the drum. This is my way of transforming waste to art!




      Our family

We are located in the high desert of Christmas Valley Oregon. We are a small family that loves to play music with friends and have constant laughs around a fire. We know that by making Satori Drums we have the ability to spread the love we have with this instrument to others and help this world change for the better one smile at a time. 

The goal

Helping Listeners Find Their vibrations

Dying for some new sounds? Playing a Satori Drum helps you:

  • Create New Sounds- Each Satori drum is packed with many different hidden sounds that leaves endless combinations of vibrations. There is no wrong way of playing the drum except just too darn hard. If it sounds good then go with it. 
  • Play Your Favorites- Have a certain song in mind? Let me know what scale you are looking for and play all your favorite songs in a new sound.
  • Start the Latest Trends- This instrument allows you to follow your dreams. Play this drum in new environments. You will have people absolutely amazed at how a recycled propane tank can actually sound. You will be the focus of attention and people will follow.