The Hippie Pre-Payment Plan

Our offer

We realize that sometimes the price of our instruments exceed what a customers budget will allow for any given moment. That is why we offer The Hippie Pre-Payment Plan! We set this up so just about anyone who really wants to get a Satori Drum has the opportunity to do so without having to spend half their life savings on one instrument at one time. Payments are tracked online so no one is ever confused on how much has been paid or what is owed. just an easy legit service with no strings attached!



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How this works

We have tried to make this as simple and straight forward as possible with these easy steps and no hidden fees.

  1. Select the drum style, scale, color, and any other options for a completed drum. 
  2. Once price is determined for the options on that drum that is exactly what you will pay. No extra fees will be charged for using this service.
  3. I will send you an invoice with the full price of the drum including any shipping charges. This invoice will allow you to make partial payments for the drum with a minimum payment of only $1 per year!
  4. Once 75% has been paid on the invoice I will physically make the drum and store it until the invoice has been paid off. 
  5. Once the invoice has been paid 100% I will then ship or deliver the drum to you.


the fine print

the nonsense that has to be said


This is a pre payment program similar to a layaway program and therefore NO need for any credit checks. All payments are going towards a new custom made Satori Drum and any related shipping charges before the drum is made and/or shipped. All payments are final and are NON refundable. Once the first payment has been made there will be NO refunds. There is no minimum monthly payments though we ask that you make at least one payment of at least $1 per year. This gives anyone the opportunity to make as large or as small payments as they wish at increments that they choose. The faster the invoice is paid off the faster you will receive your drum. If the invoice gets paid 100% before the 75% mark was reached then I will make the drum and ship it right away. For instance 60% of the invoice has been paid at this imaginary point. The drum has not been made yet but the customer decides to fully pay off the invoice. Now the invoice has skipped the 75% payment mark and has gone straight to 100% paid. I will make and ship the drum right away. The invoice is powered by PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account to make payments. There is a link to pay securely with a credit card. Each payment is tracked and you will receive an email receipt for each payment that you make. The invoice will also reflect what is still owed on the invoice to receive the drum. Even though I am advertising this program on my website it is not possible for me to have my website start the invoice process for this program automatically. You will need to contact me directly to start on the Hippie Pre-Payment Plan, Once payments have started refunds will NOT be given under ANY circumstances.