10-Note Single Sided Satori Drum


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The 10-Note Satori Drum is my most popular instrument. It is very easy to play and is great for starters and advanced players. It features the magnet tuning system making this drum compatible with A=440 or A=432hz and is always fine tunable! Each drum comes with a set of mallets that match the color of the drum. All of my drums have been powder coated by me inside and out making it 100% waterproof! Thats right! Play it in the hot springs or the bath tub!!! This instrument is made from a recycled propane tank making it virtually indestructible. It should last your children’s grandchildren’s lifetime!

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
10-Note Top Side Scales

A Major, A Minor, B Major, B Minor, C Major, C Minor, D Happy Spring Garden, D Major, D Minor, D# Happy Spring Garden, D# Hijaz, D# N'Goni, D# Satori, E AkeBono, E Golden Gate, E Major, E Major Pentatonic, E Melog, E Minor, E Minor Pentatonic, E Pygmy, Eb Major, F Big Bear, F Major, F Major Pentatonic, F Minor, F Mystic, G Major, G Major Pentatonic, G Minor

Free Colors

Black, Bright Green, Clear, Cosmos, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Deer John Green, Light Blue, Malbec, Ozmotar, Pink, Purple, Red, Smoke, Teal, White, Yellow

Piezo Pickups

Installed By Us, No Piezo Pickups, Piezoelectric Pickup System


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